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Comprehensive 9 Body Contouring  /Spot  Fat Reduction Sessions

Initial starter pack of (9)-45 minute Lipo Laser-reducing sessions, with 9 WBV Vibration sessions to one body area,  weekly support, BMI, Body Fat %, Detox Kit & B12 capsules - $2450.00 (Latest Newest Laser Technology)*

6 Lipo Laser Package

Includes (6) Lipo Laser and WBV sessions to body part of your choice: $1794.00

4 Lipo Laser combined package

includes (4) Lipo Laser , WBV sessions, consult, body fat %, BMI and measurements: $1196.00

2 Lipo Laser combined package

includes (2) Lipo Laser , WBV sessions, consult, body fat %, BMI and measurements: $598.00

Single Lipo Laser Treatment

(1) Lipo laser session and WBV session to one area of your choice - $299.00

Wrinkle Reduction for Face and Neck

Relax and rejuvenate your face with our one-hour RF Facial Wrinkle Reduction Treatment. Sooths tired and sagging skin by tightening and producing additional collagen in between the dermis. This treatment is designed to remove fine lines, forehead, lips, neckline, crows- feet and eye wrinkles. Tightens sagging eyelids, skin smoothing, and rejuvenates skin. This treatment is designed to accelerate collagen growth and remove wrinkles through focused attention in the facial/neck area that shows the hardest stress in daily life. This can provide excellent ANTIAGING results, recommended frequency based upon individual problem area -at minimum 6 treatments--once / two weeks for 1 month then 1 time for 4 months in order to achieve optimum results. Each 45-minute session is individually $149.00 or package of 6 for $675.00

Ultralipo Cellulite Treatment

This slimming process can be used in conjunction with RF wrinkle reduction and provides alternative to fat cell destruction with a high success rate. This 45 minute procedure provides a warming, soothing effect, promoting tissue metabolism , fat destruction while  repelling cellulite, and  shrinking fat cells at your desired problem area. Provides great cellulite reduction/elimination and recommended frequency based upon individual problem area. Each 45-minute session is $149.00 or a package of 6 for $675.00

Body Wraps

 45-60 minute sessions – at $125 per treatment.

MASSAGE TREATMENTS - Swedish, Deep Tissue and whole body available. 

Prices starting at $90/ hour and up.



Majority of services may require a problem focused consultation  in order to qualify you as a candidate for services selected.

Prices are subjected to change and all charges are nonrefundable. Discounts may be given with purchase of 2 or more service packages. Some procedures are only available in selected locations, and for selected patients and most by appointment. Some procedures may be covered by individual health insurance and financing is available - please inquire.